The Abaseen Foundation is continually seeking to expand and improve its current services and find new opportunities for improving the lives of the people it serves. We currently (2019) have the following priorities:

  1. The Shamshatoo Health Centre has been established as part of the BIZIFED2 project but is yet to be opened to the general population. We plan to start a Mother-and-Child Centre (MCC) as a first step, which will later on be expanded to become a fully fledged Health Centre, including a laboratory and digital x-ray facilities.
  2. The Abaseen Foundation would like to build on the success of previous health initiatives within the Abaseen schools by further development of women’s health services with the Wellbeing of Women (WoW) project. It is hoped to roll out this program from 2020.
  3. We plan to start a vocational centre in 2020 at the Rahim Education Complex (MGM and BGM schools) for students aged 13 and above. There will be computer certificate courses for both boys and girls, and embroidery/stitching classes for girls.
  4. Long-term we hope to expand on the vocational centre to develop a polytechnic institute to provide life skill courses to the students of disadvantaged communities.
  5. Currently some of our pupils have to travel very long distances over poor roads to get to our schools, and there is pressure on admissions to the MGM/BGM schools. We are therefore planning to open satellite schools in Janakor (2022) and Koi Hassankhel (2023).
  6. The NMS school buildings are too small and quite old, and we do not own the property. We are therefore looking to buy land nearby on which to build a new girls school for the Brick Kiln community.

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