Update June 2015


Two of our Trustees - Helen Bingley and Nicola Lowe - have just returned from Pakistan with up to date news from our core projects that we want to share with you.

GOOD NEWS RE THE SCHOOLS - Thanks to your support we have delivered on our promise to contribute £24,700 to running costs for Noor Model and Mian Gul schools for this year, providing educational opportunities for 542 boys and girls.There is a continued need for donor contributions for the following reasons:1. We are adding new classes as each cohort progresses and new children enter the schools. Understandably the rising number of children and classes generate additional costs as the classes have to be furnished and additional teachers need to be employed. An additional significant cost pressure is transporting the children and staff to and from the school. There are larger numbers involved and most come significant distances so it is a real problem.
2. We have developed a strategy to ensure sustainability of the schools by 2020, but there is a lot to do and we have pledged our continued financial support until 2020.
3. Some families can’t afford to send their children to school and we provide funding via the sponsor a child scheme which you can access via the website. A number of donors have expressed an interest in a more structured scholarship scheme where a donor commits to sponsoring a child through the education system with some form of feedback about their progress and we are now setting up a scheme for this.

With your support we would like to provide funds to AF PK to purchase: 
• a school bus to transport the children 
• classroom furniture 
• gym hall furniture and equipment 
• solar panels to guarantee electricity supply to enable the children to use the world wide web and communicate with children in schools in the UK, with who we have developed twinning arrangements

GOOD NEWS RE HEALTH PROJECTS - Sustainability of Nahaqi Hospital and Baghbanan Health Centre are guaranteed.

NAHAQI - We have entered into a partnership with the Rehman Institute who will pay for placements for medical students, this money will close the funding gap at the hospital after Government contributions and service user charges.

BAGHBANAN HEALTH CENTRE – A project grant from DIFD (Department for International Development) will sustain the service until December 2016, unspent service user charges accumulated during the period of the grant will sustain the health centre for approximately another 2 years after the DIFD funding ends. We will continue to seek new grant funding but in the worst case that we don’t secure more funds the community have agreed to limit services to the level of funds that it is possible to raise from service user charges.

There will always be a need for donor contributions to cover free medicines for those too poor to pay even modest user charges.

If you would like more detailed information about the projects please contact Helen or Jabien on Helen.bingley@btinternet.com 07838 369652 orjkauser@uclan.ac.uk 07873 513068

Like us on Facebook using this link: https://www.facebook.com/abaseenuk

Your support really can make a difference to lives in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. 

£100 can cover a child's school fees for a year 
£20 will purchase books for the school library and provide other learning materials 
£10 will buy sports equipment 
£6 will buy nutritional supplements 
£5 will buy a child a school uniform 
£2.50 will buy pens and pencils

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