Since 2017, AF UK and AF PK have organised an annual fund-raising trek to the more remote mountain regions of Pakistan. This is an amazing chance to visit some of the most beautiful areas of this country, areas that even people who think they know Pakistan well are surprised to discover. The treks often involve quite arduous journeys by local airlines, buses and jeeps, plus walks into remote regions of spectacular mountains and glaciers. We also get to visit and discover local cultures and historical places, and experience the wonderful food and hospitality of these regions.

Participants have to pay for the cost of the trek (usually around £1,200) and their airfare to Pakistan, plus they have to pledge to raise at least £1,000 in sponsorship.

Our treks so far have included (check out our films):
2017 – Gilgit and Hunza
2018 – Chitral and the Kalash Valleys
2019 – Baltistan and Honbroq
2020 – Skardu and Thalay La