Abaseen Foundation has three schools:

  1. The Mian Gul Model (MGM) School for girls in the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA), located on the Rahim Education Complex, Shamshatoo. [click the link for further information]
  2. The Brig(r) Gul Man Model (BGM) School for boys in the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA), located on the Rahim Education Complex, Shamshatoo. [click the link for further information]
  3. The Noor Model School (NMS) School for boys and girls who live on one of the brick kiln sites at Baghbanan, close to Peshawar. [click the link for further information]

Their catchment area is principally from the outskirts of Peshawar and the ‘settled areas’ of FATA where populations are static and have abandoned a nomadic lifestyle.

There are currently (2019) almost 1,000 students attending our schools –  375 students at the NMS school (girls 174; boys 201), and 578 students in the MGM/BGM schools (girls 311; boys 267).  It is of particular note that despite being of marriageable age a significant number of girls remain in MGM school, representing a shift in cultural attitudes to female education. Literacy rates for girls in this area are less than 3%, but Abaseen Foundation believes that ‘If we educate a girl, we educate a mother and a whole family’.

The schools’ objectives:

  • To provide quality education to the students from marginalised communities of FR Peshawar and adjacent settled areas.
  • To create an attitude in the area that sees education as a way out of the poverty
  • To provide assistance to families who cannot afford education for their children
  • To encourage families to send girl students to the school
  • To discourage drop-outs of children, especially in girls education
  • To encourage students, especially girls, to enrol in secondary school after primary education

The families pay a nominal community contribution for their child to attend our schools in order to create a sense of ‘ownership’ of the project. However, poorer families can be assisted by our “Sponsor a Child” scheme, whereby donors in the UK contribute a regular monthly donation to assist a child to attend school.

The University of Central Lancashire (UCLAN) in Preston has supported the work of the Abaseen Foundation for many years in various ways and most recently (2017) has pledged to provide a free-of-charge degree place every year for a graduate from the Abaseen Foundation schools in Pakistan. The children in our schools are highly motivated but this greatly increases their efforts as this provides an opportunity to strive for something which would normally be beyond their wildest dreams.

The Abaseen Foundation has twinned their schools with schools in the UK – Waterhead Academy in Oldham and Eldon Primary School in Preston – bringing teachers and children together across the miles.

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