The Abaseen Foundation has from the outset been engaged in the delivery of health services in the Peshawar region, especially where our schools are located, as health care in this area is badly needed and is not provided by the state. To this end AF has been trusted with major grants from many large donors including the UK Department for International Development (DfID), The Wellcome Trust, UNICEF, and US Aid.

Our major projects in this area include:

  • overseeing the turnaround of a failing hospital (Nahaqi Hospital, Peshawar)
  • the establishment of a successful Health Centre next door to our Noor Model School (Baghbanan Health Centre)
  • a new project to open a similar Health Centre in Shamshatoo near our MGM/BGM schools
  • a new project called Wellness of Women (WoW) which concentrates on improving women’s health in general, with an emphasis on practical help for teenage women and young mothers.

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