Abaseen is developing a Wellbeing of Women (WoW) strategy. This will operate from the Rukhsana Mother and Child Centre and will be based at Shamshatoo Health Centre.

Pakistan falls behind most developing countries when it comes to women’s health and gender equity. Women face extreme poverty with very little income to meet their basic human needs. Increased pregnancy rates, high child birth and mortality rates, lack of menstrual products and hygiene greatly hinder and impact on women’s health from an early age. On average girls miss 3 to 4 days of school each month due to menstruation issues, which greatly impacts on their long term academic achievements.

The key outcomes from the project will be to:
⦁ help young girls stay in school during menstruation
⦁ increase educational achievement
⦁ reduce physical health problems associated with woman’s health issues
⦁ reduce childbirth mortality
⦁ improve women’s overall health status