The Foundation has a strong track record in delivering sustainable projects in healthcare. This included in 2002 taking on responsibility for Nahaqi Hospital, one of our first projects. Nahaqi Hospital was a non-functioning 22-bedded Government Emergency Satellite Hospital on the edge of Peshawar. We took over managing its staff (who continued to be paid by the Government), its infrastructure, and its equipment. Today, through a unique partnership between the Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and the AF UK and PK, the hospital is providing healthcare that makes a real difference to local people. It is regarded as the model “public/private partnership” in NWFP.

Building on this experience, further health projects were undertaken including entering into a similar arrangement at Kabal Hospital, a government hospital in Swat, and a range of mother and child community projects in Swat and Kohat. These projects attracted only fixed term funding, but importantly allowed us to test that the model we had developed was replicable. Our success in all these projects has encouraged us to further develop existing projects and look for new opportunities.