The Abaseen Foundation has been running Noor Model School since January 2009. The school is situated on a brick kiln area 35km south of Peshawar with no government provision for health and education. Most of the families are refugees from Afghanistan working as indentured labourers on the brick kilns. Already a disadvantaged minority, poverty and child labour are linked with poor health and reduced life expectancy, creating a perpetual cycle.

The project is needed to break this cycle; establish alternatives, and enable children of poor families to have options for a different future through education and social change. All the children are expected to work from a very early age. Approximately 70 % of the children have severe malnutrition. Education for the girls is crucial; both because female literacy is so low (between 3% and 8%) but also because of the positive effects on the wider community.

They tend to influence the health and well being of the family due to their role in feeding the family, housekeeping and childcare.