Although families are expected to pay fees for their children to attend our school, AF are aware that many of our target families, especially those living in the brick-kiln areas, cannot afford this. We have therefore created a very successful “Sponsor A Child” scheme, whereby donors in the UK can either make a one off payment or sponsor a child for just £10 a month. In return, donors get to follow the progress of the children they sponsor, with regular school reports and feedback. Many sponsors choose to sponsor more than one child.

Many of the children who attend our schools, especially from the brick-kiln communities, suffer from malnutrition. They often come to school having had no proper breakfast, and will go home after working on the kilns to a meagre meal of flour and lentils. This chronic malnutrition severely affects their physical and mental development. Abaseen Foundation has therefore pledged to give each child a nutritious rice-based free midday meal when they come to school. The food is cooked by local volunteers, but the funding comes from donors in the UK via our “Feed a Child” scheme.

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