The Shamshatoo area is underdeveloped, with barren land and a low literacy rate. There is only one government health facility for a population of about 85,000, and it is unable to meet the health requirements of the local people, especially for women and children. For this reason, Abaseen Foundation decided to open a purpose-built Health Centre along the lines of the Health Centre it has been running in Baghbanan since 2011.

Initially the Health Centre service will be started in part of the existing Abaseen school buildings in the Rahim Education Complex while the Health Centre is being built on Abaseen land adjacent to the schools. This arrangement will allow for the integration of education and health services, following our established model of healthcare provision.

The first priority is to open a Mother and Child centre, but it is envisaged that the Shamshatoo Health Centre will eventually have a range of curative and preventive services, including an emergency obstetric and neonatal hub, a laboratory, an x-ray facility, a pharmacy, and a blood bank, and will employ a medical technician and women medical officers.